When I do ART I am learning .....

  • To express my feelings & emotions in a safe way

  • To practice & gain fine muscle control & strengthening eye-hand motor coordination

  •  Colors, shapes, forms and lines

  • To have the opportunity to make choices and solve problems

  • To combine spoken language with imagination and imitate and pretend to be someone or something else

  • To use expressive language and language development

  • Social Interaction skills

  • Emotional outlet

  • To share & play cooperatively

When I play in  DRAMATIC PLAY I am learning ….

When I play with BLOCKS I am learning...

  • To enhance & stimulate creative problem solving abilities

  • Constructing "creations" builds self esteem & feeling of success

  • Spatial reasoning "Will this fit?"

  • Cooperation and sharing

  • Enhance cognitive flexibility

  • To understand size, weight and number concepts

When I participate in MATH I am learning...

  • Basic math concepts

  • To recognize numbers

  • To pattern, count & compare

  • The language of Math

  • To build my confidence in abilities and problem solving

  • How to count 1-1

  • Developing small muscle skills & hand-eye coordination

  • Increasing my awareness of language & literature

  • Being encouraged in pre-writing skills like tracing, coloring and drawing

  • To exercise my creativity & imagination


  • How to join in discussion. What do you see/hear/smell?

  • What science tools are. Magnets, weights, scales, magnifying glasses etc.

  • How to predict. "What will happen if?"

  • To be curious and ask questions. 

  • To use my five senses

When we do SCIENCE I am learning...

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